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Research Projects

Projects in progress

Fragile Meaning: An experiment (with Andreas Blume & Charles Noussair) Revised and resubmitted to Journal of Economic Theory

The Inter-Group Trust Game: Exploration of Trust Within and Between Non-Unitary Groups (with Tamar Kugler & Eyal Ert) working paper

Examining the Impact of Response Time on Deceptive Communication: A Modified Cheap Talk Game Approach (with Xin Jiang) working paper

The role of emotion in social value orientation (with Charles Noussair) work in progress


Competition in  Persuasion: An experiment  (with Wenhao Wu)  Games and Economic Behavior (2023)

On Trust and Disgust (with Tamar Kugler, Daphna Motro & Charles Noussair)   Social Psychological and Personality Science (2019)


Measuring Emotion in the Digital Age (with Daphna Motro, Tamar Kugler & Charles Noussair)  Sloan Management Review (2019)

Advising Projects

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